The Darker The Berry - Tea Please
The Darker The Berry - Tea Please
The Darker The Berry - Tea Please

The Darker The Berry

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The moment you inhale this tea, it would be hard to put down. The decadent chocolate aroma paired with the sweetness of raspberries and blueberries makes for a delightful tea with none of the guilt. Imagine chocolate covered fruit, but as a drink!

Flavor Notes: fruity, chocolate


Black tea is high in antioxidants
Black tea may reduce the risk of cancer
Black tea may boost heart health
Cocoa helps maintain healthy brain
Cocoa slows the aging process
Cocoa contains good source of vitamins and minerals
Cinnamon is high in anti-inflammatory properties
Cinnamon helps fight fungal & bacterial infections
Cinnamon helps build strong bones


Luxury Ingredients: Black tea 62%, cocoa peel, cocoa nibs, flavoring, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, cinnamon rods, cinnamon pieces, sweet blackberry leaves, Georgian blueberry leaves, freeze-dried blueberries, freeze-dried cranberry slices, freeze-dried raspberries.

Contains: Caffeine

Servings: 20 Cups

Serving Size: 1 TSP(per 8-10oz of water)

Net Wt. 1.75oz (Makes 20 Cups)

Steeping Instructions

Scoop 1 TSP (2 grams) Steep: 4-5min Temp: 203-212°

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carrie Sparzynski-belk

Have been wanting to get into loose leaf tea and so glad I started with these folks. Taste is good and i can usually get two seeps in a day with there tea. I would recommend how many scoops to use on the bag though.

Adrienne M

I was a little skeptical of this tea when I purchased it because I don't always like chocolate teas. But based on the berry flavors and a very positive experience with another tea (strawberry shortcake), I wanted to give it a shot. With a little cream, it is SO GOOD. I am going to buy some for my sister as a moving present in the next few days because I don't think anyone should go without trying it. Also, I will definitely be buying more for myself very soon!

Katie Kyle

It’s really phenomenal.

Brandon Pickett

Some seriously good tea.

Love This

This tea is fantastic! Just what I was looking for.