What Is The Proper Water To Tea Ratio?

The proper ratio is two grams of tea for every 8-10 ounces of water. 

How Can I Tell Which Teas Have Caffeine?

Under our Navigation Tool, select you're preferred "Caffeine or Non Caffeinated" option. Also, all of our teas with caffeine have it stated in the product pages under "Contains" 

Are These All Loose Leaf?

Yes! All of our teas and tisanes are loose. So you will need a strainer, tea ball infuser, tea press, or tea bags that you fill yourself.

Can I Add Milk To These?

Yes! Certain teas work so well with any milk of your choice. 

Do You Have Any Videos or Tutorials? 

Yes! We have videos on our blog, Youtube channel, Instagram and Facebook pages.

Do You Take Flavor Suggestions?

Yes! Just shoot us a email or message us on our social media pages and we'll see what magic we can make!

Do You Have Samples For Your Wellness Collection?

No. We only offer samples for our dessert collection.

Do You Offer Larger Sizes?

Not at this time. We are definitely considering it though!