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Finding yourself forgetting things more easily? Don't worry, its a normal part of aging. Luckily, Tea Please has a tea for that! Want to know the secret ingredient? Tulsi Leaves, also known as Holy Basil. 

So, the next time you're feeling forgetful just...hold on, we forgot what we were going to say. 

Flavor Notes: fruity, astringent 


Rosehip may strengthen immune system

Bilberry Leaves prevents cell damage

Rosemary enhances memory and concentration

Tulsi Leaves helps sharpen memory and is anti-aging 

Green Mate boosts mental function

Luxury Ingredients: Rosehip, Bilberry Leaves, Rosemary, Green Mate, Tulsi Leaves, Orange Peel. 

Servings: 20 Cups

Serving Size: 1 TSP(per 8-10oz of water)

Net Wt. 1.75oz

Steeping Instructions

1 TSP (2 grams). Steep: 5-10 min. Temp 203-212°

Customer Reviews

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Tope Adubi
Gets the job done

I’m a coffee drinker but stick to one cup a day. This tea powers me through my night work without making me tired in the morning. An absolute fave!


This tea is soooo yummy! It gives an elevated taste to tea with its aromatic features. It awakens and sharpens your focus without the jitters! 10/10 recommend

Greg Universe
Love It!!

I bought this for my mom - who's been getting forgetful now from being overstressed, and I had a bit of a taste test, too. This tastes SO good!! Wasn't able to use it for long enough to judge if it helped me, but I have a lot of faith in the brand - so I'm not worried. Definitely will buy for myself soon!!

Danielle D.
Great Tea

I really enjoy this tea! Recently I have felt like my mind was in a cloud. Juggling working from home and virtual school for my kids left me a little frazzled. I started drinking this tea in the mornings and I feel as though I am more focused throughout the day. The fact that it tastes great makes it even better. I would definitely reccomend!


Tastes great and really does help with concentration