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Looking to have a summer glow all year long? Look no further! Our wonderfully crafted tisane is filled with skin loving ingredients that will having you looking flawless without a filter!

Flavor Notes: light, sweet, spicy


Ginger protects against aging and improves elasticity of the skin

Turmeric possesses anti-inflammatory qualities that calm overactive pores

Carrots contain antioxidants that repairs skin tissue

Beets stimulate the repair of skin cells

Luxury Ingredients: Ginger, turmeric, pineapple pieces, carrot pieces, beet pieces, calendula.

Servings: 20 Cups

Serving Size: 1 TSP(per 8-10oz of water)

Net. Wt 1.75

Steeping Instructions

Scoop 1 TSP (2 grams). Steep 5-10 min. Temp: 203-212°

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Danyeal Lee
Yes Please!

This tea is amazing. I bought this tea after reading the benefits of it and I drink it almost 5 mornings out of the week if not more. It smells really good but I do like the smell of ginger. The taste is mild and sweet which I love. The golden color is amazing. I would definitely order again and recommend this tea. I have yet to be disappointed with any of the teas I have tried.

Lindsay Hanna
Mild and sweet

A really great tea! I bought it as a gift but ended up keeping it for myself. The smell is a little strong (ginger), but the taste is surprisingly mild and sweet. I really enjoyed it!

Roslyn Jones
Tea Please!

I’ve tried several other flavors, and this one also does not disappoint!

Glowing flavor

This is not a tea I would have originally purchased, but I love the flavor and healthy properties it provides. I have had this tea three times this past week and enjoyed the flavor within. I am pleased I took a chance on this tea and can't wait to see the prolonged positive impact it will have.