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Dark Chocolate

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Imagine this, you are craving chocolate but don't want all of the sugar or calories. Well, you're in luck! This amazing blend of black teas from Ceylon and China gives you an extra perk, while the tart, yet sweet, cocoa satisfies all of your chocolate cravings.

For a real experience: add almond or coconut milk

Flavor Notes: sweet, chocolate

Benefits: Black tea is high in antioxidants

                 Black tea may reduce the risk of cancer

                 Black tea may boost heart health

                 Cocoa helps maintain healthy brain

                 Cocoa slows the aging process

                 Cocoa contains good source of vitamins and minerals


Ingredients: Black tea 65%, cocoa peel, broken cocoa bits, coriander, flavoring.

Contains: Caffeine

Net Wt. 1.75oz. (Makes 20 Cups)

Brewing Instructions

Brew: 4-5min   Temp: 203-212°