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Cleanse and Renew

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Looking for a quick and easy way to get some relief and well, cleanse? This herbal tisane offers laxative-like properties due to there main ingredient-Senna. Senna is an FDA approved non prescription laxative. Relief is on the way!

Flavor Notes: fruity, bold


Senna eases issue with bowels

Senna treats constipation

Senna assists with the easing of hemorrhoids and IBS

Senna can be used for weight loss

Luxury Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Hibiscus, Senna Leaves, Rosehip, Pomegranate Pieces. CAFFEINE FREE

Servings: 20 Cups

Serving Size: 1 TSP(per 8-10oz of water)

Net Wt. 1.75oz

Steeping Instructions

Scoop 1 TSP (2 grams). Steep 5-10 min. Temp: 203-212°

* Best if taken at night before bed. 

*Works in conjunction with the FasTEAing tea

Customer Reviews

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Cleanse and Renew Works!

The title speaks for itself, cleanse and renew.

10/10 Must Recommend

I have been drinking the cleanse and renew tea for a week now and I am truly speechless about my results from drinking this tea! I have lost 4 pounds just off this tea alone no change to my diet. 10 out of 10 must recommend!! Plus the owner is super sweet and knowledgeable. #SipsTea 💕

Kem Beckham
Cleanse tea

I am enjoying this tea immensely. The soothing taste and all the benefits thereafter, if you know what I mean😉

Awesome Tea

I love this tea, it has great flavor and it works!!!

Julie Culpepper
Definitely worth it!

My husband and I got this tea along with the fasTEAing and we love them both. I like this one especially because I’ve struggled with stomach/bowel issues and I feel so great the next day after drinking it! 🥰