Vanilla Cream Pie - Tea Please
Vanilla Cream Pie - Tea Please
Vanilla Cream Pie - Tea Please

Vanilla Cream Pie

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This tempting drink offers the classic taste of vanilla. The scent, which forms after a thorough drying process, is unmistakably the star of the show. With the added bonus of Rooibos tea, this tea offers the creamy, vanilla flavored piece of pie you were waiting for this holiday season. 

Flavor Notes: sweet, creamy 


Rooibos promotes clear skin
Rooibos improves respiratory system
Rooibos is rich in minerals
Vanilla reduces anxiety and stress
Vanilla improves digestion
Vanilla contains antioxidants


Luxury Ingredients: Rooibos tea, flavoring.

Servings: 20 Cups

Serving Size: 1 TSP(per 8-10oz of water)

Net Wt. 1.75oz (Makes about 20 Cups)

Steeping Instructions

Scoop 1 TSP (2 grams) Steep: 8-10min Temp:203-212°

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Delicious Dessert Tea

One of my favorite dessert teas. Very sweet, a little bit of honey added makes for a delicious cup in the morning or in the evening. A little bit of the loose mix goes a long way, so I was able to get a good amount of cups out of each bag. Definitely recommend.

Ty Watkins
Comfort in a Cup

This is a smooth vanilla tea. It is just as flavorful and fragrant as the other teas I love from this company. I keep this flavor at work for a "pick-me-up" throughout the day.

Kayleigh Tamborski

This tea is delicious, but super rich! The rooibos is fantastic with the vanilla, but I couldn’t drink more than one cup at a time!