Candied Almonds - Tea Please
Candied Almonds - Tea Please

Candied Almonds

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This one of a kind tea is the epitome of sugar, spice and everything nice! This light and fruity blend has sweet and spicy notes that decorate the flavors of raspberries. With sugared almonds, sugared ice crystals and mistletoe, this tea not only provides a delectable drink but also great visuals. 


Flavor Notes: fruity, sweet, spicy, light

Apple helps in digestion
Apple brightens the skin
Almonds improve brain health
Mistletoe has anti-inflammatory benefits
Cardamom is a breath freshener


Ingredients: apple cubes, sugared almonds (almonds, sugar), apple pieces, sugar ice crystals (sugar, rice flour, hardened rapeseed oil, thickener: traganth, flavoring), cut mistletoe, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, flavoring, cardamom pods. 

Contains: almonds 

Serving Size: 20 Cups per 8-10oz of water

Net Wt. 1.75oz (20 Cups)

Brewing Instructions

Scoop 1 TSP (2 grams) Brew: 8-10min Temp: 203-212°

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Best Tea Ever

This is my ultimate favorite tea. It's sweet, nutty, soothing, and just magical! I love it so much!